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Privacy PolicyPrivacy

Khemeia Consulting Limited and its associates take your online privacy and online data seriously and ensure that any data we may collect is handled properly, is not passed to third parties for any reason and is not retained beyond a reasonable period other than where it is required for continued communication which is delivered at your request.

Any real world data that you submit to us is retained for a reasonable period and will be used to deliver material that you have requested.  We will not send you unsolicited communications and we will not transfer or disseminate your information for any purpose.

Cookie PolicyCookies

Our site uses cookies to make it work properly and enhance your experience in navigating around it. These are OUR cookies - if your browser is set to reject cookies you may not get all the features of our site.

We use analytics cookies, these are to help us figure what we are doing well and what you don't like about our site based on your behaviour (i.e. Which page you go to, what you read and how much time you spend on each page). This is all normal stuff and we don't use this data for any other use than augmenting our site.

We don't have ANY third party cookies, which means our cookies can only be retrieved when you visit our website and not any other website.  This means we can track your movements around our website but we can't track you from site to site.  We don't use advertising cookies.

If you have concerns about our cookie policy please don't hesitate to contact us on

If you want to read the Information Commissioner's Office information about cookies you can find that here: . Link opens in a new window