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Innovation is all around us - the way you innovate your business process; how you use data to strengthen and develop your business model; how you attract your perfect customer online; the way you use technology to design and develop a product fit for market.




The Khemeia Way Explained - Taking Ideas To Market




Core Values



"But we've always done it that way!" That's not innovation, that's tradition. To be truly innovative you have to challenge the way you've "always done things." Innovation requires you to challenge things.




Who said you can't do that? Who said you can't do it that way? Who said you can't do that idea? Innovation pushes boundaries. It takes you to places you never thought were possible, and sometimes to places you never knew existed. 




Innovation requires courage. Actually, it requires a lot of courage. Innovators are the ones who stand out in a world of conformity. They dare to dream. They dare to make changes. They dare to be different. 


The Khemeia Team:


Ian Sharp, Director of Khemeia Consulting & Head of Business Consulting.

Ian Sharp is the Founder and Director of Khemeia Consulting. National Speaker on business and innovation, official Growth Accelerator coach, Advisor to the Leeds City Region LEP and LEP Ambassador.

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Haroon Rashid, Head of Digital Marketing

Internationally-featured marketeer, national marketing speaker and host of the international online show, Haroon's Hangout. Haroon heads up all digital marketing training and coaching.

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Jon Stephenson, Head of Business Insights

"The Major" Jon Stephenson is our Khemeia veteran - supporting you with valuable business insights into your new product or service idea, route to market or possible funding streams. Jon collaborates with every Khemeia department helping you evolve your business model by making well informed customer led business growth decisions.

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